Air Freight Services

Airfreight transportation is a quick and effective shipping method that is particularly significant to businesses needing to get products to international customers quickly or remain on track with a just-in-time manufacturing model. The primary drawback of air shipping is that the expense can be altogether higher than ocean freight forwarding. Luckily, skynet express can help bring down the cost while also providing out of the way client assistance. (Each shipment is given the individual attention to detail it requires.)

We Offer:-

  • Door to Door
  • 24 hour customs clearance
  • Worldwide Air Freight Import & Export
  • Transshipment (Sea/Air and Air/Air)
  • Import Breakbulk Consolidations in Changi FTZ
  • Transloading (stuffing/unstuffing container)
  • Hand Carry Services
  • Warehousing in Changi FTZ