Cross Border Trucking

Cross Border Trucking Service Singapore.

Our “Cross Border Trucking” services enable you to easily move load via land to neighboring nations and regions. We offer stable lead times and excellent transportation services.

Skyfast’s fleet of vehicles and a wide network of co-partners empowers us to convey your full and partial loads among Singapore ,Malaysia & Thailand, by road. These customized door-to-door services offer you loading space flexibility combined with a seamless and cost-effective strategy for transportation. It is an ideal arrangement that offers lower rates than Air Freight, shorter transit times than sea cargo, and on-the-ground expertise for smooth customs clearance operations. Contact Us today to know more about our Cross Border Trucking Services.

Regardless of what numbers of nations are associated with your transport, we collecting products from various suppliers and distribution centers and carry them to consolidation centers. There, we load and dispatch them via cross-dock services and ship them to different destinations, ready for direct-to-store delivery. And Our FTL trucks are sealed door-to-door and are only opened if required by border customs. Our LCL containers are consolidated at Skyfast’s facilities along the route and then fed into the main road network by regional trucks.

Our focus is LTL

We have partnered with select regional carriers throughout Malaysia & Thailand to operate a seamless multi-gateway network between our countries. By combining the strengths of niche Transporters with our longstanding Singapore infrastructure, the result is a great LTL service to meet the cross border shipping requirements of our valued customers.

Features of our cross border LTL service include:

  • Competitive pricing with our F1 tariff
  • Dedicated Customs expertise
  • Comprehensive coverage of Singapore to Malaysia / Thailand
  • of Movement your dry goods across a wide range of industries


Total Visibility Of Delivery Operations

Paperless solution designed to provide complete visibility of delivery operations through Mobile/Web application. Along With  Proof of Delivery All delivery activity are tracked, with features like.

  • Electronic signature capture
  • Robust portal for viewing delivery status and ETA in real-time
  • GPS tracking of your fleet
  • Route management including Planned vs. Actual analysis
  • On-line access to delivery status for your customers

We have established an extensive transportation hub that uses an amalgamation of cross-border trucking networks managed on our own or by our partners.

By remaining familiar with the local situation, we can offer high-quality international trucking services to each region. Contact Us For Cross Border Trucking Service Singapore & Cross Border Bonded Trucking Service Singapore


Our Advantage

  • Customs Clearance at KLIA, JB, and SINGAPORE.
  • Daily Door-to-Door Lorry Transportation to / fro Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Knowledge and expertise in Customs procedures, Clearance & Tax declarations.
  • Handles 20ft, 40ft, and LCL Consolidated Cargo.
  • Express parcel delivery service to / fro Malaysia and Singapore within hours.
  • Special handling cargo ie. Use of Low-loader trucks, Heavy equipment lifting cranes, Bonded cargo, etc.
Cross Border Trucking Service In Singapore to Malaysia